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IP Camera Support IP Camera Support

Activation of IP camera support for COMfortel 1400 IP and 2600 IP

€23.80 *
Hotel function Hotel function

Activation of the hotel function for fast check-in/check-out

From €71.40 *
Auto attendant Auto attendant

Activation of a function for automated call routing

From €94.01 *
Call through function Call through function

Activation of a routing function for incoming mobile calls to external destinations

€59.50 *
Synchronisation with Google, iCloud, MS ActiveSync Synchronisation with Google, iCloud, MS ActiveSync

Activation of synchronising contacts and calendars via ActiveSync

€16.66 *
COMfortel Voicemail COMfortel Voicemail

Activation of the voicemail system in COMfortel 1400, 1400 IP and 2500

From €38.08 *
Fax sending Fax sending

Activation of a fax driver for Windows 7/8/10, Mac OS X

€49.98 *
Call records Call records

Activation of additional call data records which are stored in the ICT system

€178.50 *
System activation System activation

Basic activation of the ICT system COMmander 6000(R/RX), COMpact 5500R/5200(R)/5000(R)

From €99.96 *

Activation of additional LAN TAPI lines for CTI applications

From €109.48 *
Least Cost Routing Soft-LCR Least Cost Routing Soft-LCR

Activation of subscribers for the Least Cost Routing function

From €133.28 *
Project assignment of calls Project assignment of calls

Activation of a function for project-oriented accounting of calls

€167.79 *
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