COMtrexx VM for Oracle VM VirtualBox

COMtrexx VM for Oracle VM VirtualBox
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Installation software for COMtrexx VM
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Product information "COMtrexx VM for Oracle VM VirtualBox"

Please note before downloading!

By installing the COMtrexx software, you automatically agree to the End User Licence Agreement for Software (EULA) and the Open Source Licences. In addition, you confirm that you have read and agree to the COMtrexx Privacy Policy.
You can download the EULA and the privacy policy as a PDF on this page.

Test licences via the tryout mode

For test purposes, the COMtrexx VM includes a tryout mode. In this mode, three free test licences are available to you. The validity period of the test licences is 14 days. The tryout mode is included in the regular COMtrexx software and must be activated before initialising the system for the use of test licences.

Please note: After initialising the system, the free licences are automatically deleted. For the productive use of the COMtrexx, paid floating user licences must be installed.

Floating user licenses

The COMtrexx solutions can only be used in combination with floating user licences. You can obtain these and other licences from our authorised sales partners. Please note that additional services such as software maintenance and function enhancements may incur additional costs.

Privacy Policy, EULA, Open source licenses und Open Source Code
Privacy Policy V05 02/2023 PDF
End User License Agreement for Software
V04 12/2022 PDF
Open source licenses 21.03.2024 TXT oder HTML
Open Source Code for GPL, LGPL and other Licences
(ISO Image)
240315 ISO

Further downloads and documentation can be found here.

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** By obtaining the installation software for the COMtrexx VM, you give us your consent to contact you about the product. For further information on data protection and contacting us, please refer to our privacy policy under point 4.